About PFWorks, Inc.

Who PFWorks, Inc. Is

Philanthropic Frameworks, Inc. (PFWorks, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting the empowerment of teens and young adults ages 16-24.

Our primary mission is on the protection of teens and young adult’s rights, respect for cultural diversity, and social change.

The organization focuses its funding on committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts and where organization support will make a significant difference.

At least 80% of PFWorks, Inc.’s expenditures will be for funding to affiliate community and social projects.

PFWorks, Inc. is bringing actionable knowledge to teens and young adults throughout our communities. PFWorks, Inc. believes that actionable knowledge can improve the lives of teens and young adults.

In addition, we put that belief into practice in communities throughout the nation.

What PFWorks, Inc. Does

PFWorks, Inc. serves communities in need, inspires teens and young adults daily, and focuses intently in pursuit of a better world.

Many teens and young adults within our communities are faced with growing societal pressure surrounding acceptance, unity, and growth. PFWorks, Inc. seeks to ease tension and build healthier relationships.

Our goal is to unite environments for future generations by disrupting the status quo.

Community volunteers are a huge part of any success story, and we plan to meet more and more of you through our network who want to help in growing and improving our programs.

Why We Do It

PFWorks, Inc. wants our teenage and young adult to experience the best time of their lives. This critical period of mental, emotional, and social development can be stressful for teenagers and young adults normally.

However, troubled youth are already at a disadvantage as they begin to determine who they are and plan for the future.

Behavioral health problems are common and can make things like work, school, and socializing more difficult. PFWorks, Inc. is building a resources network to accommodate the various needs of teens and young adults.

Many that have become homeless as a direct result of aging-out of the foster care system or returning to society from incarceration are forgotten by the system.

Moreover, we are committed to saving the lives of all marginalized teens and young adult between the ages of 16-24. All are welcome to our resources.

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