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PFWorks, Inc., through a series of contacts, surveys, and interactions, has learned that teens feel significant pressure to succeed and achieve. Rest assured this pressure will only increase as they enter the workplace. Teens and young adults who are lucky enough to have family and a support system possess a greater chance to survive. However, teen and young adults who do not possess such commodities have an unfortunate 70/30 chance of overcoming the same sets of obstacles.

Today look, stature, and the illusion of success is critical in the eyes of teen and young adult peers. Many teens and young adults believe that you do whatever it takes to get ahead. Compromising one’s integrity is not a factor in order to achieve a sense of success. The belief that success is typically acknowledged through immediate gratification is a false truth objectified by today’s teens and young adults. Society places a premium on success at all costs, which fosters an environment for inevitable ethical dilemmas.

The challenge for teens and young adults today is once you take that first bite, once you engage in unethical behavior, it’s hard to undo the consequences. If we expect our future leaders of tomorrow to function in a more ethical manner than the current business leaders of today, then we must take the initiative to train decision making in an environment of integrity and ethics.

PFWorks, Inc. is committed to offering teens and young adults a series of seminars, lectures, and workshops on ethics and empowerment. By exposing vulnerable teens and young adults to a principled concepts validates positive ethical behavior. Let’s give teens and young adult the desire to alleviate the pressure to behave unethically. Second nature is a genetic trait; however, ethical behavior is learned.

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Volunteer at PFWorks, Inc. and be a link in our lifeline! Our volunteers help us in the community, state, and at the national level to succeed in our three objectives: educate, motivate, and to connect people—resource support—for success.

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PFWorks, Inc. understands many factors increase a young person’s odds of experiencing homelessness. Race, parenting/unmarried, LGBTQ are only a few factors that play a role in teen and young adult homelessness. According to, “One in 10 young adults ages 18-25, and at least one in 30 adolescents ages 13-17, experience some form of homelessness unaccompanied by a parent or guardian over the course of a year.” Level of education that an individual possess is an additional factor.

Children who age out of foster care or newly released from incarceration face multiple factors that increase their risk of homelessness, including the number of foster care placements, history of running away from placements and time spent in a group home/criminal history. The consequences faced by youth experiencing homelessness are vast and require coordination across the education, child welfare, juvenile justice, health and human services systems.

PFWorks, Inc. primarily focus on teens and young adults ages 16-24; however, no young person will ever be turned away or denied services. We are actively pursuing residential structures to offer a safe place for homeless teens and young adults. Teens and young adults participate in a supervised 18-36 month residential program. While some may need less time, rarely will an individual require a longer stay. Pairing the residential program with support services, PFWorks, Inc. will ensure a positive foundation for our teens and young adults. We will positively affect many lives with your help via time, mentorship, volunteering, and/or financial support.

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The generosity of sponsors is the essence of all operations. In addition, these contributions provide the foundation of our programs. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities across the nation to reach the next level. With your help, we are making a difference in the lives of many teens and young adults across the nation. Thank you for helping to make opportunities available for their futures.

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PFWorks, Inc. recognizes that teens and young adults who age out of foster care or newly released from incarceration lack the funds/resources while on their own. Self-sufficiency is often challenging without receiving adequate guidance and support. Teens and young adults often struggle while transitioning to adulthood with a lack of community connections, supportive relationships, education, housing, and many more issues.

Resources for these teens & young adults are inadequate, and teen and youth services are difficult to find, despite the implementation of the federal Foster Care Independence Act which was intended to prepare foster youth for independent living and expand benefits beyond their eighteenth birthday. Teens and young adults newly released from incarceration also lack the same resources.

PFWorks, Inc. seeks to partner with organizations such as Covenant House, 360 Youth Services, and New Beginnings in our mission to aid teens and young adults. It truly takes a village to have a healthy community. Utilizing the input, knowledge, and support of a few to further the success of many is an admirable goal.

A resources network through PFWorks, Inc. helps to provide connections to education, mentorships, medical care, safe space, and essential support. Our approach looks at the individual needs of the young person and provides access to appropriate supports and services. This partnership approach encourages less duplication and gaps across programs and systems and enables services to be delivered in a more integrated process.

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