Make a difference by volunteering at PFWorks, Inc.

Volunteers are the core of our program. They bring optimism and enthusiasm, create positive energy, and provide the opportunity for our attendees to make profound changes in their lives.

We always welcome new volunteers to support our organization. Becoming a PFWorks, Inc. volunteer allows you to meet inspiring people with diverse experiences and grounds you with a sense of purpose. We offer flexibility to work around your schedule. Our volunteer program provides you with an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and allows you to see the impact of your actions.

Training is the most popular activity for volunteers. Volunteer trainers who teach PFWorks, Inc. attendees receive 40 hours of training in teaching methods. After completing their training, trainers are matched with an attendee or group of attendees. Trainers are asked to hold two sessions totaling four hours a week and to make at least a six-month commitment. Attendees and trainers meet on days and times and in public locations that are mutually convenient. No previous teaching experience is required; however, trainers who consider Technical Training Certifications will be supported by PFWorks, Inc. In addition, you are not required to speak a foreign language to be a trainer of a foreign-born student.

As a trainer, you will receive a great deal of support from our experienced staff. We do not leave you on your own to decide what to teach or how to teach it. We’ll help you with teaching techniques, preparing lesson plans, using teaching materials, and with any other challenges you encounter.

If training is not for you, please consider other PFWorks, Inc. volunteer opportunities. Non-training volunteer opportunities do not require a certification. You can work one-to-one with an attendee to complete online job applications, practice interview skills, or discuss American workplace expectations and culture. Organize a group of friends or co-workers to help English as a Second Language students practice their listening and speaking skills. Or, share your passion for literacy with friends, colleagues and family as a fundraising volunteer. You could recruit your company as a sponsor, organize an event to benefit PFWorks, Inc., start a crowdfunding page, or serve on a committee.

With the critical support of our dedicated volunteers, PFWorks, Inc. can truly make a difference and build better lives through learning.

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