Why Donate


Even small donations have an impact.

When considering the causes and projects for help in the developing world, many people feel deep sorrow but conclude that there is nothing we can do. The scale of needed charity is immense and we seem powerless to stop it. Such despair is understandable, but the facts tell a very different story. While needed charity is indeed extreme and widespread, it is easy to forget just how many people there are in the developed world, and how powerful our pocket change can become when pooled together.

When giving to an effective charity, the size of your donation directly correlates with the number of people you are able to help. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference; even small donations have the potential to drastically improve an individual’s quality of life. There are hundreds of non-profits that you can choose to give to, and the process of selecting which organization to support can feel like a daunting task.

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Giving to aid the least among us demonstrates our desire to heal the world. Every little bit helps, whether $1.00 or $1,000,000.00, to any charitable cause. We thank you!


According to thelifeuyousave.org there are “9 Positive Effects of Donating Money to Charity”. Their analysis is a breakdown of being human and showing compassion for fellow human beings. Your generosity can challenge the kindness in others. Yes, gifting is motivating and contagious!

We live in a period of unprecedented progress—economic, social, technological—but not everyone has shared in that progress. While many people have gotten ahead, too many people are falling behind. This is the biggest challenge of our time. Let’s tackle it together.

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